Sunday, 22 September 2013

Bobbins & Lace Wedding Cake

This elegant, vintage lace design included icing roses, freesias and snowberries in hues of muted pink and purple. The cake was displayed on a vintage desk which was accented by period items including keys, wooden bobbins, a vintage sewing machine, teacup and lace runner all completed by floral accents.

Rustic Brights Window Display

This modern, rustic styled window was the second of two displays created in conjunction with love lily for the Abergavenny Food Festival. The bright paper lanterns suspended from the ceiling complimented the colour palette of the amazing floral accents and contrasted perfectly with the wood of the vintage ladder and trolley. The focal cake was simply iced and decorated with fresh flowers and raffia with the naked cake featuring flowers and physalis. The vintage ladder was perfect for displaying pretty, rustic flower pots, mini, coloured naked sponges and cupcakes.

Jane Austen Window Display

This display was created in conjunction with love lily to celebrate Abergavenny Food Festival and was inspired by the novels of Jane Austen. The styling included a vintage desk, Jane Austen books, a vintage sewing machine, hat boxes, pearls, tea cups, vintage keys and quotes from Jane Austen novels suspended from the ceiling - not forgetting the cakes and amazing flowers.

Vintage Days

This elegant three tier design was hand piped with vintage lace embroidery to each tier and completed with an arrangement of icing peonies, roses and lily of the valley.

Modern Ruffled Flowers

A simple, modern design in hues of silver and white with ruffled flowers and a little crystal sparkle.

Las Vegas Two Times

This cake was created for a 30th birthday celebration and echoed the Las Vegas casino theme for the celebration - hot pink, black and silver set against a white cake.

The design included a hand cut icing Vegas skyline, hand painted playing cards and Las Vegas sign, poker chips and a little bit of glamour with hot pink feathers.

Rustic Raffia & Sumptuous Fruit Naked cake

This four tier naked cake was decorated with an abundance of berries, red currants and figs; accented with raffia and displayed on a rustic wooden plinth.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Elegant Peacock Feathers

This four tier design encapsulated the peacock feather wedding theme and definitely had a touch of The Great Gatsby. The peacock feathers, pearl and crystal brooch and vintage glass stand created an understated, elegant vintage feel.