Friday, 5 November 2010

Glen-yr-Afon Wedding Fayre - Boudoir Cupcakes

This Chanel inspired cake incorporates ribbon roses and accents of Boudoir chic in a pink, black and white colour palette. The cupcakes are held in black filigree cases which add an element of sophistication and glamour to the pretty feel of the pink handmade ribbon roses. The cupcakes are intermingled with individual mini cakes each hand decorated with a white frill and black ribbon to compliment the top tier.

Glen-yr-Afon Wedding Fayre - Gothic Roses

This three tier design, inspired by Gothic literature, incorporates dark red roses and hand piped embroidery. The second and third tiers were separated by a crystal stand adorned with cascading Swarovski pearls and diamantes that echoed the pearl detail embroidery to each of the three tiers.

Glen-yr-Afon Wedding Fayre - Crystal Couture

This elegant, glamorous five tier design incorporates simple, sleek lines and stunning cascades of Swarovski crystal. Each of the five tiers is decorated with a crisp white ribbon and handmade crystal embellishment echoing the feel of simple, clean lines seen in Japanese culture. The cake is separated by two specially designed stands adorned with strands of Swarovski crystals that represent droplets of water cascading down a waterfall. This cake is truly opulent and adds an extra dimension of sparkle to any special day.

Glen-yr-Afon Wedding Fayre - Roses & Ribbons

This three tier design featuring handmade sugar flowers in varying hues of cream is both classic and sophisticated. The handmade sugar rose bouquet delicately cascades down the edges of the top tier and is complimented by the dainty dots that adorn the cake itself. The design is completed by a satin bow reminiscent of that which would hold together a hand-tied bouquet of flowers.

Glen-yr-Afon Wedding Fayre - Romantic Roses

This design projects a romantic country wedding feel with the pretty pink roses and pale green ribbons reminiscent of a rose garden in spring. The roses, handmade from icing, nonchalantly cascading down the side of the cake echo the feel of the natural environment and are complimented by the green hues of the ribbon applied to each tier of the cake. The small hand piped dots, like droplets of dew, add to the overall dainty feel of the design which would perfectly compliment the pastel colour palette of a spring wedding.

Glen-yr-Afon Wedding Fayre - Dotty

Another of the cakes recently on display at the Glen-yr-Afon Wedding Fayre. This design is a modern, funky combination of polka dots in varying colours completed with a pretty pink bow. The simple, clean colour palette lends itself to the overall fun and frivolity of the cake.

Glen-yr-Afon Wedding Fayre - Lace embroidery cake

This cake was recently featured on our display at the Glen-yr-Afon Wedding Fayre. The three tier design encapsulates vintage chic, with hand piped embroidery to the first and third tiers and Celtic inspired brooch and midnight blue bow to the second tier. The hand piped embroidery was inspired by the lace of a vintage wedding dress and was accented with lustre dust to give a modern twist on the original lace design. The bow and brooch encircled the second tier and was reminiscent of the period bow and brooch at the waistband of the wedding dress.

Birthday butterflies

This ethereal design was inspired by the birthday girl's love of butterflies and was decorated with a combination of butterflies handmade from icing and butterflies that were hand painted directly onto the cake. A handmade gerbera adorned the top of the cake and provided the perfect resting place for the large focal butterfly. The cake itself was a classic Victoria sponge filled with luscious vanilla butter cream and strawberry preserve.

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Animal Farm

The design was inspired by the birthday girl who is a farmers wife. The cake was topped with a sheep handmade from icing and also featured various other handmade farm animals and produce that one might see at a local farmers market. The pastel green icing gave the cake an overall pretty and whimsical feel and was complimented by the traditional picket fencing which encircled the circumference. The cake was a rich, moist fruit cake to give a truly grown-up spin on the farm animal theme.

Bryngarw House Wedding

Kelly wanted a cake that would create a wow as soon as guests entered the room and therefore selected a five tier design. Key to the brief was a white and silver theme that incorporated Swarovski crystal elements to give a sophisticated, luxurious and glamorous air. The cake itself was white with hand piped jewel detailing to the first, third, fourth and fifth tiers. The second tier was decorated with a silver - grey satin bow adorned with a handmade Swarovski crystal brooch. The third and fourth tiers were separated by a bespoke stand decorated with Swarovski crystal droplets which sparkled in the delicate lighting provided by the chandeliers at the venue. The Swarovski crystal elements in the design echoed the crystals that cascaded from the stunning floral displays that graced each table. The cake itself included tiers of Victoria sponge, luscious lemon drizzle cake, decadent rich Belgian chocolate cake and spiced carrot cake each tier containing a scrumptious filling to compliment the cake flavours.

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Llangoed Hall Cascading Roses Wedding Cake

This classic, romantic design incorporated handmade sugarpaste roses in varying shades of cream that cascaded down each of the four tiers. The bride had selected an all cream cake to compliment the rich jewel tones of the floral displays that adorned the marquee that was situated in the stunning gardens of the imposing setting of Llangoed Hall. Each of the four tiers was accented with cream satin ribbon which allowed the beautiful roses to act as the main focal point of the design, and truly bring the country garden feel into the venue itself. The bride selected tiers of traditional Victoria Sponge layered alternately with vanilla buttercream and luscious strawberry or raspberry preserve.

Allt-yr-ynys Roses and Dots Wedding Cake

The bride and groom had tasted our rich Belgian chocolate cake at a wedding fayre and the groom, "a non-cake eater", gave his approval. The bride selected a 3 tier cake, with tiers that were higher than a traditional wedding cake to give that extra impact. The design itself combined beautiful handmade sugar roses and petals in varying hues of cream with dainty hand piped icing dots to each tier of the cake. The hand piped dots were inspired by the inclusion of pearls in the decoration of the marquee at the wedding venue and the roses complimented the fragrant floral displays. The cake flavours included a traditional Victoria sponge filled with lashings of vanilla buttercream and strawberry preserve, a lemon drizzle cake layered with lemon buttercream and lemon curd and finally the all important rich Belgian chocolate cake smothered in decadent Belgian chocolate ganache.

Glyffaes Brooch and Bow Wedding Cake

The bride saw this cake displayed in Love Lily of Abergavenny and decided that this classic design fitted her theme perfectly. The four tier, all white cake, was accented with handmade icing ribbons and a bow adorned with a handmade Swarovski crystal and pearl brooch. The sides of each ribbon were decorated with individual Swarovski pearls to echo the feel of Victorian style buttoning and to compliment the pearls in the brooch itself. The cake itself was a combination of rich fruit and Victoria sponge tiers.

Double Birthday Celebration

A cake for two special birthday's with two very different themes. Emma wanted a cake that combined her Dad's love of golf with her Aunt's love of shopping, so the final design was a two tier cake with hand modelled golfer and shopping paraphernalia. The bottom tier was a traditional Victoria sponge and the top tier a rich Belgian chocolate cake (Emma's Aunt being a confessed Chocoholic). Unfortunately we didn't get a photo of the two tiers together, but the design was separated by an acrylic stand that encased the modelled golfer.

Monday, 30 August 2010

Orchids and Crystals Wedding Cake

Following an initial consultation Amanda had specified the use of orchids and "bling" in the final design in order for the cake to seamlessly coordinate with the wedding venue decor whilst maintaining an overall feel of sophistication. Amanda then fell for one of the design sketches (inspired by Sex and the City 2) which incorporated a chic all white cake adorned with Swarovski crystal touches and beautiful orchids. The five tier cake was separated with customised stands that were dripping with strands of Swarovski crystals and that gave the illusion of the cakes floating in air. The cake sat on a floral arrangement of scented orchids that gave that extra opulence and wow factor to the overall design. The cake consisted of a rich chocolate bottom tier filled with Belgian chocolate ganache, a Victoria sponge second tier filled with lashings of raspberry conserve and vanilla buttercream, a carrot third tier with a cinnamon mascapone filling, a zingy lemon fourth tier filled with lemon curd and lemon buttercream and a fifth tier of Victoria sponge filled with strawberry conserve and vanilla buttercream.

Clearwell Castle Wedding

Emily and Alex were married in the historical setting of Clearwell Castle nestled in the beautiful Wye Valley. Emily had envisaged a surfer , hippy chick style design and finally settled on a hand sculpted VW camper van top tier accompanied by brightly decorated cupcakes. The top tier included hand modelled bride and groom complete with wetsuits and two dogs to represent their beloved pets. Each cupcake was decorated with a brightly coloured handmade gerbera to co-ordinate with the hues of the bridal flowers. The modern theme juxtaposed with the traditional leaded windows and wooden panels was truly striking.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Coed -y-Mwstwr Wedding

Emma fell in love with a design that she had discovered on the internet and wanted her cake to echo the classy, chic feel that the all white cake exuded. Each of the five tiers were decorated with handmade white sugarpaste roses that nonchalantly floated down the front of the cake and looked beautiful in the stunning venue which was adorned with spectacular floral displays and lit by fabulous chandeliers. Each tier of the cake was a different flavour - the bottom tier consisted of a decadent Belgian chocolate cake layered with rich chocolate ganache, the next a moist carrot cake with spiced mascapone filling, the third tier an exotic coconut cake with coconut buttercream, the fourth tier a zingy lemon drizzle cake with lemon and lemoncello filling and finally a Victoria sponge top tier with a vanilla buttercream and raspberry conserve filling.

Llansantffraed Vintage Monochrome Cupcakes

The bride selected a chic monochrome colour palette which was perfectly reflected by the black, vintage cupcake wrappers that encased each of the cupcakes. The function suite at Llansantffraed Court encapsulated the elegant feel of the theme with black seat covers adorned with crisp white bows and beautiful white blooms of hydrangea accenting the room. The cupcakes were decorated with handmade sugarpaste bows and flowers and displayed on an acrylic cupcake tower stand. The top tier was finished with a black ribbon bow adorned with a crystal and diamante brooch which completed the overall modern, yet elegant design. The bride selected a rich Belgian chocolate top tier enrobed in decadent chocolate ganache and the cupcakes were yummy moist carrot cake and rich Belgian chocolate cake.

Glen-yr-Afon Wedding

Claire and her husband to be selected a simply iced cake with a green ribbon detail to match the colour scheme of the day. The fresh flowers were arranged by Upmarket flowers of Usk and co-ordinated with the beautiful bridal bouquet. The bride and groom selected a selection of cake flavours - one tier consisting of rich fruit, one of rich Belgian Chocolate smothered in chocolate ganache and one Victoria sponge filled with layers of vanilla buttercream and strawberry conserve.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Chris and Faye's Rose Cascade Wedding Cake

Chris and Faye selected a classic design of ribbon roses in rich, jewel tones handmade from icing to compliment the bridesmaids dresses. The sides of each of the four tiers were hand piped with a regal pearl embroidery motif which ensured an elegant, sumptuous feel to the overall design. The interior consisted of tiers of luxury, rich fruit cake and Victoria sponge filled with vanilla buttercream and strawberry conserve.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Bath Spa Wedding

A chic, elegant single tier cake for a beautiful wedding in the historic Spa town of Bath. Sandra and Roger selected a design that incorporated a floral spray of roses and lysanthia to reflect the bridal flowers in hues of cream and purple. The design was accented with a pearl and diamante brooch and satin bow to give a regal feel. The bride and groom selected a Victoria sponge filled with layers of vanilla bean buttercream and luxury strawberry preserve.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Margam Park Wedding

Cris and Mike were married in the stunning setting of Margam Park and had chosen a grass and sweets theme, with the invitations echoing the Wonka's Golden Ticket of the film Charlie and the chocolate factory. The bride and groom didn't want the "traditional" white wedding cake, and following an initial consultation decided on a brightly coloured, modern design with a "wonky" construction. Each layer of the cake was adorned with lollipops and sweets handcrafted from icing in colours that complemented the flowers and bridesmaids dresses. Each layer of the cake was a different flavour starting with a lemon bottom tier filled with lemon and lemoncello buttercream, followed by a coconut and lime cake with lime buttercream, leading to a classic Victoria sponge filled with raspberry conserve and vanilla buttercream and finally the top tier was rich Belgian chocolate with a chocolate ganache centre. The cake was an eyecatching centrepiece that fitted perfectly with the grass table runners and brightly coloured gerberas.

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Time for tea!

Luxurious cupcakes created for an afternoon tea event and displayed on vintage glass cake stands. The event called for a myriad of cupcakes in a selection of flavours; including rich Belgian chocolate topped with chocolate ganache and fresh berries, cappuccino sponge topped with espresso flavoured buttercream, luscious lemon infused with lemoncello and topped with lemon scented buttercream and classic Victoria sponge decorated with swirls of vanilla buttercream - yummy!

Blue Skies Wedding Cake

Following a romantic proposal whilst cloud watching on the Skirrid Mountain in Abergavenny, Alex and Huw wanted a cake that would reflect this special moment. The bride selected a chic, understated design incorporating the couples initials and accented with sky blue ribbon. The stunning flowers were provided by Love Lily with the baby's breath echoing the weightlessness of the white clouds. The tiers were displayed on a set-back stand in order to produce the illusion of the cakes floating like clouds in the sky and looked truly stunning in the swathes of sunlight that bathed the beautiful reception room at Llansantffraed Court. The cake was a classic Victoria sponge filled with vanilla buttercream and raspberry preserve.

Chocolate Berries Wedding Cake

Linda, the sister of the bride-to-be, wanted a cake to surprise the couple on their special day. Linda selected a rich, dark chocolate cake layered with Belgian chocolate ganache and enrobed in dark chocolate cigarillos. The cake was adorned with fresh summer fruits in tones of purple and red to ensure the finished design was both elegant and bursting with flavour.

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Boudoir Heart Cookies

Simple, chic, stunning. An eye catching set of cookie designs to truly encompass the feel of a boudoir chic theme.

Rose couture mini

Cute mini cakes with a modern twist on the vintage theme. Each cake was adorned with a hand made couture rose and heart emblem detailing. Sweet! A gift to make any guest feel truly special.

Funky Flowers

A funky, modern design for an eighteenth birthday. The cake encapsulated the vogue for bows and the boudoir colours of pink and black, combining them to create a truly showstopping creation. The cake was decorated with a hand made icing bow, hand painted floral details and topped with a striking hand painted floral explosion topper. The cake was white chocolate with white chocolate ganache and raspberry compote, a truly scrumptious interior.

Bob the Builder

A fun cake for a Bob lover! A hand carved Scoop the digger was accessorised with a hand modelled Bob the Builder figure and props. Harry, the birthday boy. "couldn't take his eyes off the cake".

Chocolate box

The bride and groom were smitten with the chocolate box design that they had seen at a wedding fayre we attended at the Angel Hotel. The three tier cake was enrobed with white chocolate cigarillos and decorated with milk, white and dark Belgian chocolates. The cake was an indulgent rich Belgian chocolate cake, smothered with Belgian chocolate ganache - truly decadent!

Cute Cookies

These wedding cake shaped cookies were created for a spring wedding at the Celtic Manor Hotel. The bride selected a chic four tier wedding cake cookie decorated with handmade pale pink ribbon roses and ivory piped detailing.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Crystal Chic Cake

A special cake for a very memorable event to mark the renewal of Janet and her husband's wedding vows. Janet selected an ivory coloured icing which was accented with floral brush embroidery detailing. The crystal topper was handmade from Swarovski crystals and pearls and echoed the floral design of the embroidery. The crystal detailing encapsulated the glamorous setting of the Glen -yr-Afon ballroom and added a modern twist to the traditional feel of the occasion. Janet selected a rich, sumptuous fruit cake to truly spoil her guests.

Danielle's Roses & Ribbons

An elegant combination of roses and bows in delicate creams and green perfectly complemented the beautiful setting of the Manor Hotel located in the picturesque Abergavenny countryside. The top tier was adorned with handmade sugar flowers and flourishes of Swarovski crystal for that little extra sparkle. The accompanying cupcakes were decorated with handmade sugar bows, handmade ribbon roses and swirls of luscious lemon buttercream. The bride selected lemon cupcakes filled with luxury lemon curd and a rich fruit cake for the top tier offering a combination of traditional and light summery flavours.

Monday, 28 June 2010

Handpainted Butterfly Wedding Cake

Anna and Daniel planned their wedding with an elegant summer garden theme to fit perfectly with the stunning marquee and surroundings of the venue. The Pobyl-Y Cwm actress selected a design featuring hand painted butterflies and Swarovski crystal pearl detailing to create this beautifully effortless cake. The bottom tier was vanilla with fresh raspberries and a white chocolate ganache, the middle tier a citrus flavoured sponge infused with orange liqueur and the top tier coconut with a lime and coconut liqueur filling.

Vintage Chic Wedding Cake

This cake was inspired by the lace and brooch of the brides dress. The design was elegant and understated to fit perfectly with the vintage chic theme of the day. The hand cut and hand piped lace detailing was accented with an icing bow and vintage crystal brooch.

Tiffany Bride & Groom Wedding Cake

The theme for this cake was "Tiffany Chic with a twist". The couple wanted to achieve a quirky, modern design whilst maintaining some elements of sophistication. The brief called for a monochrome palette with a small hint of pink as the accent colour. Each layer of the cake was hand piped with a dot "faux" ribbon and accented with small handmade ribbon roses in pink. The hand modelled bride and groom were created using photos of the couple and their outfits as a guide in order to achieve a uniquely personal keepsake. The cake was an extravaganza of flavours starting with rich fruit cake for the bottom tier, luscious lemon with lemoncello butter icing for the middle tier and carrot cake with a spiced mascapone filling for the top tier.

Mia's Christening Cake

This pretty pink cake was created with a clean, contemporary feel in mind. Neil and Renee wanted a cake that exuded simple elegance, whilst remaining modern and informal. The sides of this two tier cake were decorated with handmade and hand painted clothing created from icing, whilst a hand-modelled teddy bear adorned the top tier giving the cake its signature "sweet" feel. Neil and Renee selected a classic Victoria sponge filled with Madagascan vanilla buttercream and fresh raspberry compote.

Handbags and Gladrags

These cupcakes were created for a shopaholic's 18th birthday. The birthday girl's family wanted a design that incorporated her love of all things designer - especially shoes and bags! The cupcakes were Belgian chocolate, topped with a swirl of chocolate ganache. Each cupcake was decorated with a handpainted shoe or bag individually handmade from icing.

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