Friday, 5 November 2010

Glen-yr-Afon Wedding Fayre - Boudoir Cupcakes

This Chanel inspired cake incorporates ribbon roses and accents of Boudoir chic in a pink, black and white colour palette. The cupcakes are held in black filigree cases which add an element of sophistication and glamour to the pretty feel of the pink handmade ribbon roses. The cupcakes are intermingled with individual mini cakes each hand decorated with a white frill and black ribbon to compliment the top tier.

Glen-yr-Afon Wedding Fayre - Gothic Roses

This three tier design, inspired by Gothic literature, incorporates dark red roses and hand piped embroidery. The second and third tiers were separated by a crystal stand adorned with cascading Swarovski pearls and diamantes that echoed the pearl detail embroidery to each of the three tiers.

Glen-yr-Afon Wedding Fayre - Crystal Couture

This elegant, glamorous five tier design incorporates simple, sleek lines and stunning cascades of Swarovski crystal. Each of the five tiers is decorated with a crisp white ribbon and handmade crystal embellishment echoing the feel of simple, clean lines seen in Japanese culture. The cake is separated by two specially designed stands adorned with strands of Swarovski crystals that represent droplets of water cascading down a waterfall. This cake is truly opulent and adds an extra dimension of sparkle to any special day.

Glen-yr-Afon Wedding Fayre - Roses & Ribbons

This three tier design featuring handmade sugar flowers in varying hues of cream is both classic and sophisticated. The handmade sugar rose bouquet delicately cascades down the edges of the top tier and is complimented by the dainty dots that adorn the cake itself. The design is completed by a satin bow reminiscent of that which would hold together a hand-tied bouquet of flowers.

Glen-yr-Afon Wedding Fayre - Romantic Roses

This design projects a romantic country wedding feel with the pretty pink roses and pale green ribbons reminiscent of a rose garden in spring. The roses, handmade from icing, nonchalantly cascading down the side of the cake echo the feel of the natural environment and are complimented by the green hues of the ribbon applied to each tier of the cake. The small hand piped dots, like droplets of dew, add to the overall dainty feel of the design which would perfectly compliment the pastel colour palette of a spring wedding.

Glen-yr-Afon Wedding Fayre - Dotty

Another of the cakes recently on display at the Glen-yr-Afon Wedding Fayre. This design is a modern, funky combination of polka dots in varying colours completed with a pretty pink bow. The simple, clean colour palette lends itself to the overall fun and frivolity of the cake.

Glen-yr-Afon Wedding Fayre - Lace embroidery cake

This cake was recently featured on our display at the Glen-yr-Afon Wedding Fayre. The three tier design encapsulates vintage chic, with hand piped embroidery to the first and third tiers and Celtic inspired brooch and midnight blue bow to the second tier. The hand piped embroidery was inspired by the lace of a vintage wedding dress and was accented with lustre dust to give a modern twist on the original lace design. The bow and brooch encircled the second tier and was reminiscent of the period bow and brooch at the waistband of the wedding dress.

Birthday butterflies

This ethereal design was inspired by the birthday girl's love of butterflies and was decorated with a combination of butterflies handmade from icing and butterflies that were hand painted directly onto the cake. A handmade gerbera adorned the top of the cake and provided the perfect resting place for the large focal butterfly. The cake itself was a classic Victoria sponge filled with luscious vanilla butter cream and strawberry preserve.