Monday, 28 February 2011

Keeping it in the family

This two tier cake included a special request in that it was for a double family celebration. With a few helpful suggestions regarding themes we were given carte blanche as to the overall finished design. To maintain cohesion between the two layers the cakes were covered in a delicate green coloured icing. The top tier, for the younger birthday boy, featured brightly coloured, handmade flowers, foliage and butterflies completed with hand-modelled figures of characters from his favourite TV programme. The bottom tier, to celebrate a 90th birthday, paid homage to the recipients career as a greengrocer and featured hand cut fruit and vegetables. In addition, a model of the older birthday boy with his trademark blue shop coat was included in an acrylic stand which separated the two tiers. The cake itself offered a layer of traditional Victoria sponge with raspberry conserve and vanilla buttercream filling and a layer of luscious lemon cake with zingy lemon curd and lemoncello buttercream filling.

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