Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Nia's Lace Wedding Cake

This four tier design created for Nia & Nathan was inspired by Nia's stunning bridal gown by renowned Welsh designer, Stephanie Allin. The cake encapsulated vintage elegance in hues of cream, and fitted perfectly with the timeless beauty of the venue. The bottom tiers of the cake were adorned with satin ribbon overlayed with the delicate lace that that was the focal point of the bodice and detail to the bridal gown (the lace was kindly supplied by Stephanie Allin). The oval brooch to the second tier echoed the shapes featured in the bride's headdress and was customised with Swarovski pearls to compliment the bridal headdress and jewellery. The third and fourth tiers featured bespoke, hand cut icing lace that replicated the pattern of the lace on the bridal gown. The cake was completed with Swarovski pearl detail to the rear, again in reference to the buttoning on the bridal gown. The cake itself featured tiers of rich Belgian chocolate cake filled with layers of sumptuous Belgian chocolate ganache, classic Victoria sponge with strawberry conserve and light vanilla buttercream, and moist carrot cake filled with luxurious, spiced mascarpone.

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